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Scans 15 Different Problem Categories

WinMaximizer uses a comprehensive scanning technology that scans for problems in all areas of your PC that could cause performance problems. These include:

Instantly Reverse Your Repairs

Sometimes changes to your PC can result in causing more problems. Because of this, WinMaximizer makes a backup copy of your registry before any changes are made, allowing for easy restore of your PC. Just one click of the "Reverse Repair" button brings your PC back to it's previous state.

Automatic Repair Scheduling

WinMaximizer allows you to create customer scanning schedules that work around the days and times that you choose. You can choose daily, weekly, monthly, at startup, or any other time you want. You can even specify specific days and times (eg. Sundays at 2.00 AM).

Easy Startup Program Manager

One of the biggest causes of slow PC problems is related to the number of programs that your computer automatically loads during startup. If you see several icons in your system tray (it's the Windows bar at the bottom of your screen that contains the time of day), it's likely that you have too many programs loading at startup. WinMaximizer fixes this problem by providing you with a utility to easily manage your startup. You can disable or enable any of the programs that load at startup in a few simple clicks.

Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

WinMaximizer is designed to fit the needs of any user. As a part of this complete flexibility, you can choose to customize the following options:

  • Choose preferred language
  • Run on system startup
  • Close WinMaximizer after repair
  • Minimize WinMaximizer while scanning for errors
  • Auto Repair Errors
  • Create backup before repairing errors
  • Check for updates automatically
  • Ask me before downloading updates
  • Auto scan for errors when software is launched

Custom Categories Ignore List

If you are an advanced PC user, you can choose which categories of performance scanning that you want to include or ignore. This is a valuable feature to save time scanning certain categories that you may not want to scan everytime.

Complete Scanning Logs

Another advanced feature of WinMaximizer is the "Log Details" screen within the "Settings" menu. In this menu, you can view the exact dates and times of each performance scan. You can open any of these log files to see the exact details of what WinMaximizer completed during each respective scan. From this screen you can also choose which scan you would like to "reverse repair", if necessary.

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* 25 system errors can be fixed using the free version of WinMaximizer. The full product can be purchased for $39.95.