Windows Startup Items

Some programs will put themselves into the Windows Startup either because they are necessary for the computer to use during startup or because they can annoy you the most this way.

When uninstalled, moved or changed, they don't always get unregistered registered correctly and reassigned; this therefore slows your PC down during startup, displays errors or just annoys you on your computer. WinMaximizer checks items that are set to always run on startup from various locations in the registry and confirms that these item files physically exist. If they do not, the startup item can be removed from the registry from this scan.

Please notice that you can control these Windows Startup Items in WinMaximizer under UTILITIES and STARTUP MANAGER. Here you can activate or deactivate each Startup Programs as you please, but be sure that you do not deactivate important Startup Programs such as Anti-Virus or programs windows needs to work correctly.