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Ask Bob Rankin - Make XP Run Faster

Bob Rankin's "recipe" for a faster PC includes several steps on how to maximizet the performance of your PC. Even if you do not run Windows XP, please check out this article for general tips. The rest of Bob's web site is a fantastic resources for any computer user.

WikiHow - Speed Up Slow Computers for Free

WikiHow's how-to resource on getting more speed out of your PC without spending any money. There are some fantastic tips and tricks in this article that any Windows user can implement.

Webopedia - How to Fix A Slow PC

Webopedia has a great step-by-step article on how to troubleshoot slow PC problems. At the bottom of the page, check out other useful PC optimization article links.

Microsoft - 5 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

As the manufacturer of Windows, Microsoft is a trustworthy resource on how to speed up the performance of your PC. Their "5 Tips" article is an easy-to-follow guide on how to speed up the performance of Windows.

How-To Geek - Troubleshooting Slow XP

The How-To Geek has an informative article on how to squeeze more performance from your Windows XP PC.

PC World - Video on Speeding Up Start-Up

The flagship PC magazine, PC World, has posted a nice video on how to improve up the start-up speed of Windows.

* 25 system errors can be fixed using the free version of WinMaximizer. The full product can be purchased for $39.95.